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Big Easy’s Moving is a full-service moving company providing premier relocation and moving services to the greater Austin area and the state of Texas. We offer Move Management services as well as furniture deliveries, general labor and handyman services. We work hard to make the moving process as easy and stress-free for our customers as possible. We treat your furniture as if it were a priceless family heirloom. Our work ethic, honesty and integrity set us apart in the industry.

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How To Work Well With Your Moving Crew | Austin Texas Movers

Nick Saunders

How To Work Well With Your Movers 

Customer Service is our #1 Priority!!

Customer Service is our #1 Priority!!

When it comes to moving, things can get stressful. Don’t add to that stress by having a bad relationship with your movers. It’s easy to maintain a good relationship with your movers. All you really have to do is communicate what you need and when with them and they will be more than happy to do their best to accommodate you. In this article, we’ll talk about how to work well with your movers, paying special attention to what you should be communicating to them so your move can go more smoothly.

Work and communicate with your movers

  • Communicate well from the beginning. When you first call them, make sure you tell them exactly what you expect and need from them. If you have special circumstances like antique furniture or you live in an apartment with several flights of stairs or a home on a hill, let them know so they can plan accordingly.
  • If you have to change moving dates, call the mover as soon as possible so that they don’t lose business as a result. Give them plenty of time to fill your old slot and accommodate your new one. You don’t want to lose a good mover because you had to alter your schedule.
  • Give the movers all the information they need to gain access to your old and new home so that they can do their job properly.
  • Get a contract. Having everything in writing is better. That way if something goes amiss, you can point to the contract terms and be covered that way.
  • Don’t be condescending. Your movers are not your servants. They are providing a service to you and should be treated with the respect that they, as professionals, deserve.

Packing and moving to help your movers

  • Let your mover know what you will be taking yourself to your new home. You’ll want to take important documents and possibly heirlooms with you. Put those boxes aside with special labels on them or – better yet – put them in your car before the movers arrive so there’s no mix up.
  • Label all your boxes clearly so the movers know which room to put them in. Nothing makes a move go less smoothly than not knowing where to put the items. It confuses the movers and will cause you quite a bit of consternation as you try to put your new home together.
  • Use durable, high quality boxes so that your items will be secure during the move. Make sure to bubble or shrink wrap breakable items so that they are kept as safe as possible during the move.  Don’t overpack your boxes so that they are too heavy for one mover to carry.
  • If you use your movers to pack and unpack items, tell them what type of packaging you want and remind them gently to take special care with your more delicate treasurers.

If you follow these steps, your move should go smooth and you’ll have a good rapport with your movers. You can’t ask for anything better when moving!

We, at Big Easy’s Moving, want to work with you to make your move a success. Call us today at 512-589-7320, we look forward to working with you!