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Big Easy’s Moving is a full-service moving company providing premier relocation and moving services to the greater Austin area and the state of Texas. We offer Move Management services as well as furniture deliveries, general labor and handyman services. We work hard to make the moving process as easy and stress-free for our customers as possible. We treat your furniture as if it were a priceless family heirloom. Our work ethic, honesty and integrity set us apart in the industry.

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How To Sell Your House Using Your 5 Senses

Nick Saunders

Deciding what we like and don’t like is determined by the use of our five senses: Sight, Hearing, Smell, Taste, and Touch. When selling a house, it’s important to appeal to potential buyers senses to make your home feel like their home. Here are a few tips using the five senses to make your guests fall in love with your home the second they walk through the front door.


Sight:  Many buyers purchase a home based solely on how it looks so their first impression of your home is extremely important.  Keeping your home tidy and de-cluttered is an absolute must. Put away any unnecessary decorations or other objects around the house that could prevent the potential buyers from envisioning themselves living in your house.  Also, it may be beneficial for you to put away breakable or valuable items in case of any accidents during the open house. It is important that your house is not only clean, but also well lit. More light allows the potential buyer to see the entire room more clearly. Try to make your house bright by using as much natural lighting as possible. This gives the house a warmer, homier feel.

Hearing: Set the mood by softly playing classical or jazz music. Use music to allow the potential buyers to imagine what it would be like to live and host people in their prospective home.  It is important that the music isn’t too loud so that it is easy to communicate.  Of course silence is nice in that it gives the buyer a feel of how  peaceful the home and neighborhood are.

Smell: Avoid overly fragrant room sprays, candles, incense or anything of the sort. It may overwhelm the buyer and distract from the purpose of an open house.  Also, some people may be allergic to strong scents.  For a homey, more welcoming scent try baking fresh cookies right before your open house starts. The smell won’t be too overpowering and gives the room a pleasant aroma.


Taste: Put the cookies that you just baked to good use – serve them to your guests! Who doesn’t love a delicious treat and it’s a great way to get your potential buyers to remember your home. Keep it simple by baking chocolate chip, sugar, or snicker doodle cookies.  Try to avoid allergic reactions by using basic ingredients.


Touch: Add softness to your home by having soft blankets, plush towels, plumbed up pillows and pretty drapes.When all five of your buyers’ senses are satisfied, it is easier for them to envision themselves as owners of your house. Use this to your advantage to turn your home into someone else’s.

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