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Big Easy’s Moving is a full-service moving company providing premier relocation and moving services to the greater Austin area and the state of Texas. We offer Move Management services as well as furniture deliveries, general labor and handyman services. We work hard to make the moving process as easy and stress-free for our customers as possible. We treat your furniture as if it were a priceless family heirloom. Our work ethic, honesty and integrity set us apart in the industry.

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Big Easy's Guide to Smart Packing | The Easiest Move You'll Ever Make

Nick Saunders


Big Easy's Guide to Smart Packing

  1. Pictures - Expensive pictures and paintings should be packed using specialty boxes that can be found at your local hardware store or packing supply store. All other pictures and paintings will be wrapped and packed by the moving crew on the day of your move. Smaller picture frames should be bubble or foam wrapped and packed into boxes. 

  2. Books - All books should be packed into smaller boxes that weigh no more than 50 lbs when full. Be sure to back books as tightly into the boxes as possible so they don't shift during transit. 
  3. Hanging Clothes - Hanging clothes are best packed using wardrobe boxes that can be found at your local shipping supply store. Big Easy's also offers use of our wardrobe boxes when using our packing services for your move! DIY TIP - To help save money, you can turn contractor grade trash bags into easy to move wardrobe bags by poking a hole in the bottom of the bag and pulling the hangers through the hole. Then, simply tie off the bottom of the bag and voila!
  4. Blankets, Pillows, and Linens - Skip using bubble wrap or foam to help protect your valuables, and instead use your blankets, pillows and linens! This will help same you a few extra boxes. 
  5. Washer and Dryer -  For front end load washers be sure you know where your shipping bolts (bolts that go into the back and keep the drum stable while in transit) are before the day of your move! Also, moving day is usually a good time replace your dryer hoses that have been neglected for the last few years :) Finally, be sure your plug matches what is available at the new house, and if not, stop by your nearest Home Depot or Lowe's to pick up one that does. 
  6. Electronics - Remove all cables and wires from your electronics and either tape them to their respective electronic, or label them and keep them in a separate box so you know right where they are during unload. Electronics should be packed in their original boxing if possible or in very strong moving boxes to ensure their safety during transit. 
  7. Dressers - Dressers contents should be emptied and packed into boxes so the move team is able to safely transport. 
  8. Dishes - 
    1. Make sure the bottom of your box is secure. 
      1. e recommend using dish packs (heavier duty cardboard boxes) for packing dish ware.
    2. Lay down a layer of bubble wrap or paper in the bottom of the box. 
    3. Starting with the heavier items, wrap each item individually and place dish items into the box vertically. Add another layer of bubble wrap in between each layer of dishes. 
      1. RO TIP - Crumpling the paper around the dishes instead of just wrapping them will help provide extra cushioning!!
    4. Be sure to fill the boxes all the way to the top using extra paper or bubble wrap if needed. Austin roads can be a bit rough, so you don't want any room for movement in the boxes!
    5. When you are all done, GENTLY move the boxes around to make sure there isn't any clinking and dinging going on. If there is, go back and add more padding so everything arrives to its destination safely. 
  9. Pack Your Boxes To the Top - Packing your boxes all the way to the top will help keep them from crushing during the move. This will also help to ensure that boxes stack properly in the truck. Trust me, your move crew will thank you!
  10. Label Your Boxes - This will make for a stress free unload, and will help save you having to answer 1000 questions as to where each box should go at your new home. 

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